1. From Jakarta – From any station on the railroad line to Bogor, take the Commuter Line (with AC) to Bogor for Rp 3,000 per person plus a refundable deposit of Rp 5,000 for the electronic ticket. The trip takes about an hour. At the Bogor station, exit in front of the train onto a broad avenue -- Jalan Kapten Muslihat.
2. First angkot – Without crossing the avenue, board a green angkot 02 or 10 that is headed LEFT in the direction of Sukasari, for a fare of Rp 3,500. The angkot will turn LEFT  onto Jalan Juanda. Pass the Bogor City Hal (R) l, and continue around the Kebun Raya, turning RIGHT onto Jalan Ottista. Then go LEFT onto Jalan Surya Kencana (which becomes Jalan Siliwangi) and continue through the Bogor Pasar. Then go R onto Jalan Lawang Gintung and get off at Mbah Daleum, a 3-way intersection on Jalan Batu Tulis in front of the Sukarno palace. This is Point C on Map 1.
3. Second angkot – Board a green van marked “TH” at Mbah Daleum. The van may or may not be marked “04A” but must be marked “TH”, indicating that it goes to Kmp Tajur Halang. (Do not take a“04A” going to Cihideung). The fare to Tajur Halang is about Rp 5,000. Get off at the end of the line, the terminus in front of Elementary School Number 2 in Kmp Tajur Halang. The angkot to Tajur Halang does not run evenings, so you need to catch it before around 6 p.m.
4. Ojeg to Vila Botani -- From the term¬inus in Kmp Tajur Halang an ojek will take visitors to Vila Botani for Rp 15,000 by day and Rp 20,000 by night. The distance is only 2 km.
5. Direct from Station to Vila Botani -- In order to save time and to travel later in the evening, you may pre­fer to charter an angkot or an ojek.  An ojek from the station or downtown Bogor to Vila Botani should cost between Rp 60,000 and 80,000 – be sure the ojek driver knows the way to Kmp Tajur Halang. An angkot is said to cost Rp 200,000. These prices are as of December 2015. Pk Jai can arrange for an ojek to pick you up at the train station or elsewhere in Bogor.