A place for hiking on Mt. Salak Accomodation
Vila Botani is highly suitable for hiking and biking.
  • Waterfalls – Two waterfalls can easily be reached on foot, while a third lies further up the slope of Mt Salak.
  • Hiking in open terrain – Extensive open fields are found on the south side of Vila Botani. These fields are only lightly settled, and can easily be explored from Vila Botani.
  • Hiking in the forest – On its north boundary, Vila Botani adjoins some 6000 hectares of forest in a national park on Mt Salak, thus providing a perfect basecamp for exploring that forest.
  • Climbing Mt Salak – Mt Salak has six summits, the nearest of which, Summit 6, can be climbed directly from Vila Botani.
  • Biking – Cyclists can also use many good footpaths in our vicinity, in and outside forest.

These attractions make Vila Botani the perfect place to get fit while immersing yourself in the verdant tranquility of Nature.

"The mountains are calling, and I must go." John Muir (1838-1914), Conservationist.