The main summits lie to the south from Peak 3. If you have pluck, time, equipment, water and provisions, you may proceed. A group of intrepid trail runners was able to complete the climb from Sukamantri to Peak 4 and the traverse to Peak 1 and remarkably to descend to Sukabumi Regency in one day in November 2014, on what they called the Kopassus route, but many hikers may prefer to camp for the night on Peak 3 or the Impessa Peak and proceed the next day.

The trail runners describe a direct traverse from Peak 3 to Peak 1 (altitude of 2211m), without traversing Peak 2. Pictures from their posting do show some very steep climbing along this traverse. This route may involve circumambulating the upper boundary of the Ciapus watershed to your right, quite possibly traversing a narrow knife edge between two watersheds. On Peak 1, enjoy the spectacular views of Peak 2 to the north and of Mt Pangrango to the west. Peak 1 is also near the site of the tragic May 2012 crash of the Sukhoi Superjet 100, an ill-fated Russian airliner. From Peak 1 you may exit Mt. Salak in Sukabumi Regency, by way of either Cimelati or Javana Spa. The Javana Spa route would allow you to visit the eerie fumaroles of the Queen’s Crater (Kawa Ratu) if time permits.

From Peak 3, another option is to traverse to Peak 2 (2180m) on a narrow path that is also said to be very challenging. From Peak 2, a clear descent is available on the north face of Mt. Salak, to Curug Nangka in Ciapus. The traverses via Peak 1 and Peak 2 are both very strenuous.

Read about the trek of the trail runners on the Kopassus route at Another useful posting describes the southern and eastern approaches to Summit 1 on the Gunung Bagging site,
Sequential name Name/names posted Base camp
Peak 6 Puncak Mossa/ Pasir Rawa
(Puncak 3 on one sign)
Tajur Halang (NE face)
Sukamantri (NE face)
Peak 4 Puncak IV (2020m) Embryo (E face)
Peak 5 (Impessa) Puncak Impessa (2060m)  
Peak 3 Puncak III (2086)  
Peak 2 Puncak 2 (2180m) Curug Nangka (N face)
Peak 1 Puncak 1 (2210m) Javana Spa (SE face)
Cimelati (Cocurug) E face