See & taste our herbal remedies.

Vila Botani raises both culinary and medicinal herbs.
  • The culinary herbal garden is in two parts – on the edge of the organic farm, and in a greenhouse below the Gudang Kopi. The main herbs include parsley, basil, rosemary, and oregano.
  • The medicinal herbal garden is in two parts – near the main Vila Nangka, where about 200 herbal shrubs are sorted by family, and in the greenhouse. In addition, about 80 types of tall trees in our arboretum have medicinal properties while a few other herbal plants grow elsewhere on the property. The shrubs were identified mostly as herbs that grow locally and were also compiled from the Sri Nganis Herbal Garden in Bogor.

Within each location group in the herbal medicine garden, the major breakout is by family. For example, among the small plants:
  • Zingeberaceae, the ginger family, has 20 species;
  • Euphorbiaceae, the spurge family, has 18 species;
  • Asteraceae, the daisy or composite family, has 19 species:
  • Aconthaceae, one of many mint families, has 12 species.
And like the vegetables, all herbs can be purchased.