A place for hiking on Mt. Salak Accomodation
Vila Botani and surrounding forest abound with diverse flora and this attracts various fauna. Many kinds of animals will, however, scurry away and hide at the first sign of a human presence. Although all of the animals listed here have been seen or heard around or near Vila Botani at some time, their appearance during your visit cannot be guaranteed.
  • Insects – Many kinds of insects can be heard or seen at Vila Botani. Some in fact are audible daily.
  • Flowers – Many kinds of flowers can be observed at or near Vila Botani, of which seven are depicted here.
  • Arboretum – The arboretum (Botanic garden) contains nearly 2000 trees, representing about 250 species, mostly local.
  • Birds – Surveys have shown that at least 40 kinds of birds visit Vila Botani from time to time. View pictures of 10 of them.
  • Primates – Five kinds of primates can be observed in the vicinity of Vila Botani (in adjacent National Park). One species occasionally visits us.
  • Other mammals – Other kinds of mammals can be observed as well at or near Vila Botani, of which eight are depicted here.
  • Reptiles & Amphibians – Many kinds of reptiles and amphibians can be observed at or near Vila Botani, of which five are depicted here. These include the frogs that are usually heard each evening.