A mountain perch for yoga/ meditation

On 16-17 January, 2016, Vila Botani hosted a group of 16 from the Rumah Yoga School in Jakarta (T: 021 739 3267). Ibu Anita Boentarman, who is a proprietor of this yoga studio, www.RumahYoga.com and is also Chairwoman of the first and largest yoga festival in Jakarta, www.NamasteFestival.com, attended and oversaw the activities.

This was our first visit from such a prestigious yoga school, and we went through many preparations. This included reno¬vating the wood floor in the Yoga Studio, upgrading the bedding in our residential houses, and preparing an elaborate vegan menu for the group with as many as 10 healthy vegetarian varieties per meal to whet their appetites. The visit included a silent meditation with no talking or eye contact for 6 hour.
Pak Alex was away on travel for the event but had the opportunity to interview bu Lessy Bimoadji, General Manager of Rumah Yoga, on WhatsApp a week later.

LB.Everybody was happy with Vila Botani. The food was yum-yum.

AK. That's good to know. Tnx. I saw an upsurge in the number of "likes" on our FB fan page, which I figured might be from your members.

LB. Yes pak, your place is fantastic.

AK. Tnx 4 your kind praise. Were there any issues about cleanliness? I know that this was a concern beforehand.

LB. Its ok pak we don't expect standard of fancy resort.

AK. Tnx bu

LB Pemandangan indah serbah ijau sudah membuat mereka happy. [The beautiful views, everything so green, already made them happy]

AK. Hahaha. Me too.

LB. They found something different than usual, they used to join a yoga retreat in a fancy place but this time Sachin asked them to be down to earth, feel the beauty of what the universe has given us by dong a silent meditation, without talking, no eye contacts, no cellular phone, just enjoy the retreat and surroundings, this make your place so beautiful pak.

Thank you for making the retreat so beautiful and memorable.