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Vila Botani is perched on the northeast slopes of Mt Salak, overlooking the city of Bogor. All routes to Vila Botani lead through kampong Tajur Halang Pojok, so that kampong is your main objective when you head for Vila Botani. From the kampong, signs mark the way up to Vila Botani and locals can also help you find your way.

As seen in the map (Peta2), Vila Botani lies roughly to the south southeast from Botany Square Bogor. Our GPS coordinates are as follows:
  • 6 40 36.85 S Latitude
  • 106 46 14.76 E Longitude

Time of day. For the last kilometer above kampong Tajur Halang the road is rough in many places but passable by both vans and those sedans with good clearance. First time visitors to Vila Botani are advised to arrive before dark, to facilitate finding the way and coping with the rough places.

Traffic conditions vary, so check with Pak Jai about road conditions before choosing your route. Early passage through Bogor City will avoid traffic jams. Traffic is worse on weekends but is in any case much lighter than in the Puncak.
We suggest you use one of three ways.
  1. Users who have installed Google Earth on their mobile applications can use this KMZ file (Map 3) to find their way to Vila Botani. A Google Earth photo of Asia and the Indian Ocean will appear and you will then need to click more than once on a spot in the middle of West Java in order to zoom into the area between Bogor and Vila Botani.
  2. Android users can input the Lat Lon coordinates of Vila Botani into Google Maps. They will then see the location of our property on an interactive map. Alternatively, users can search for Kampong Tajur Halang in the Google Map Database and just head for that objective, which is near to Vila Botani. In either case, the screen will show two alternative routes from Bogor to Tajur Halang – via Pamoyanan and via The Jungle. Unfortunately, these routes may not always agree with the users’ movements in a vehicle, due to inaccuracies in the maps. Nevertheless, the location on Google Maps of Kampong Tajur Halang remains correct, and as long as the user can proceed in that direction and thereby reach the kampong with the help of Google maps, he/she will be able to find Vila Botani by asking locals in Tajur Halang and following street signs.
  3. The third way to navigate is the old fashioned way reading a hard copy map with detailed instructions from Bogor as described in the next section.

Use of map 1 – Map 1 and 1-A are suitable for downloading and printing in color at high-resolution, before your trip. They are much less suitable for use on a mobile device.

From Jakarta to Bogor by car. To get to Bogor from Jakarta by car, just follow the Jagorawi toll road.

The options from Bogor by car. Here are four ways to get from Bogor to Vila Botani by car. In normal traffic the trip takes about an hour from downtown Bogor.

ROUTE 1 from Bogor via Pamoyanan sub-district (kelurahan) involves fewer turns than the other Routes. The route leads from downtown Bogor through Cipaku sub-district and across a steel bridge into Pamoyanan. This Route is well maintained as far as kampong Tajur Halang. Map 1 depicts the Route. READ MORE for Route 1

ROUTE 1-A is a variation on Route 1 especially suitable for visitors from Jakarta. It goes from the Ciawi toll exit onto the entrance road to the Rancamaya Golf Estate, and thence to the steel bridge on Route 1. See instructions for the Ciawi-Cipaku Route and Map 1-A. READ MORE for Route 1-A.

ROUTE 2 passes through an upscale housing complex (the Bogor Nirwana Residenz (BNR)) on the southern side of Bogor city, and passes a Water Park called The Jungle on the LEFT. From there the route continues up the slopes of Mt. Salak through various kampongs. Best to check if you are still on the road to Tajur Halang. This Route appears on Map 1 (detailed instructions not yet available) and is faster for most visitors from Bogor. For visitors from Jakarta, it is longer than Route 1 but has less traffic.

ROUTE 2-A This Route passes The Jungle as in Route 2 but 200m beyond the Route goes LEFT to follow a narrow road through kampong Pabuaran that crosses over to Route 1 where we must turn RIGHT to join Route 1. The narrow road shortens the trip but is not recommended for first-time visitors. See Map 1. Detailed instructions are not yet available.

Pengecoran Jalan Mobil ke Vila Botani


Map 1a

Map 1
Visitors without their own vehicle can reach Bogor City by train from Jakarta and can then reach kampong Tajur Halang by public van (angkot), as explained in the detailed instructions. To save time and to travel later in the evening, you may prefer to charter an angkot or an ojek directly to Vila Botani. READ MORE for Public Transportation.