• Go on guided walks or explore on your own the vast forests of the Halimun-Salak National Park, a northern neighbor of Vila Botani. We can provide you with a guide. Here a beginner would face more risk of confusion when venturing on his or her own, but the risk is still small. If you feel lost, simply descend by the clearest available trail until you reach a road or a kampong.
  • Stroll in the neighboring pine forest, occasionally glimpse an eagle soaring between trees.[Easy]
  • Visit and douse yourself in 20-meter waterfalls on Cimuncang creek, adjacent to Vila Botani. There are three waterfalls, two nearby and a third far above us. [Easy to Mod]
  • Take well-shaded circuit hikes of 4-5 km climbing above the pine forest and crossing over to Pasir Kopeng where you will find puspa hardwood forest and many other tree species; such a forest is more congenial to wildlife. Climb to nearly 1000 or nearly 1100 masl. Descend Pasir Kopeng to return to Vila Botani. [Mod]
  • Head north northwest in rain forest, crossing the Ciapusvalley, to reach a popular camping area in pine forest called Sukamantri. There is an easier route and a more difficult one at a higher elevation [E or Mod].