A perch on Mt. Salak for environmental education
Environmental Education

Vila Botani is an excellent choice for programs on environmental education, based on four routine activities here:
  • Our organic vegetable farm
  • Compost production
  • Our herbal medicine garden, with over 250 kinds of herbal plants
  • Our arboretum with 250 kinds of trees

Among the groups that have received training in environmental education at Vila Botani are:
  • Two groups from Al Izhar SMA from Pondok Labu, Jakarta received training from teachers of the Sampoerna School of Education from the Pancoran Tebet area of Jakarta during 2011-12.
  • Groups from the Harapan Bangsa International School in Tangerang came on several occasions beginning in 2011 for environmental education, briefed by Vila Botani staff.
  • SMA Negeri 3 Cibinong came in June 2012, and were briefed by Vila Botani staff.
  • Second graders from the Internataional School of Bogor, in October 2012 who were briefed by Vila Botani staff.
  • A student group from the Bogor Agricultural Institute came in December 2013 for “Training in the Technique of identifying Plants”, provided by Pk Ismail Rachman in our arboretum.
  • A group of young facilitators from two kampong (kmp Muara and Ciadeg) who received training from a Bogor-based NGO, the Rimbawan Muda Indonesia.