• Individual Flashlights - the grounds are mostly dark at night.
  • Battery powered lanterns - especially useful for groups in case of power failures.
  • Raincoats - during the rainy season.
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Extra blankets - night temperatures often fall to 19. Vila Botani can provide blankets for groups of up to 50 persons. Larger groups need to bring extra blankets. Vila Botani does not yet provide towels.



Telkomsel and Indosat numbers can make and receive calls at Vila Botani, but the connection is intermittent at the upper end of the property. Even when the telephone connection is poor, text messages can usually be sent and received.


Wireless internet connections are available for users with modems. Connections are best on the slope facing Kampong Tajur Halang, especially from the terraces of the Kenari and Puspa houses.

Most of the time, mosquitoes are a minor problem at Vila Botani. particularly in the platform houses that are swept by constant breezes. Mosquito screening in the windows allows visitors to let fresh air in while keeping bugs out. Many visitors actually prefer to sleep on the verandah to enjoy the cool breezes, fresh air and natural sounds, "Best night's sleep in Bogor" exclaimed one English visitor. To minimize infiltration, take care in keeping doors closed. Some beds are protected by mosquito nets. Bring repellent to deal with intruders.

Groups of up to 40 persons (or 60 if mostly children) can occupy the Yoga Studio (Gudang Kopi), while groups of up to 20 can occupy the nearby Puspa House (Up to 15 in Kenari House). Groups of up to 100 persons can camp in tents, which they can either bring themselves or rent. Another possibility for a group of 100 is to combine the Yoga Studio, the Kenari and Puspa Houses and a few tents.


Parking is no problem for small groups. Up to 10 cars can fit into the parking area beside the Gudang Kopi. Another 3 cars can park beside the Vila Botani entrance. Parking becomes a problem, however, when more than 13 cars are involved. There is a risk of a jam-up, because the stone road leading to Vila Botani is too narrow for 2 lanes of traffic. For such cases there are two solutions. One is to plan from the outset which vehicles must leave first and arrange for these vehicles to enter Vila Botani last. The other is for some or all vehicles to park elsewhere (Vila Botani can recommend safe places), while the passengers are carried to Vila Botani in chartered public transport vans (angkot).


Vila Botani can cater for visitors, but this usually requires some advanced planning. Put in your order at least a day ahead, 2-3 days is even better. Another possibility is to order from a warung makan in Kmp Tajur Halang as long as this is done before 6 p.m.; Vila Botani staff can help with this. Or, if you wish to cook at Vila Botani, bring ingredients with you; organic veggies are of course available at Vila Botani, as are pots, dishes & utensils.


A TV can be made available to guests.