Home-cooked Sundanese meals

Vila Botani prides itself on serving not only organic, Sundanese home cooking but other Indo¬nesian regional fare as well. Our vegetable and herb gardens provide most of the produce that is used but all of our food is of the highest quality. Talented local cooks who were taught traditional, time-honored dishes by their mothers and grand¬mothers, create our flavorful, aromatic meals. Many of their dishes constitute ‘real slow food’, created with prolonged cooking. It is doubtful you will find this high caliber of regional, home cooking in any restaurant. We offer this so that you, our guest will experience the diverse, classical flavors of Indonesia. Vegetarians in particular have been delighted by the flavorful variety of our vegetable dishes.

Please choose from our menus or suggest a dish that you would like. In either case, please order in advance so that staff can shop for the required ingredients.