Visit 3 nearby waterfalls

Make sure to visit any of the three mountain waterfalls -- two nearby and a third far above us.
  • Curug Pelangi lies at an easy 60 minutes on a level road through open country to the south south east of Vila Botani. This major and abundant waterfall is usually flowing even at the height of the dry season. Take a cool dip in the natural pool at its base.
  • Curug Cimuncang is about 20m tall and is found at an elevation of about 800m in the pine forest above Vila Botani, a hike of only about 30minutes. There is abundant flow at the height of the rainy season.
  • Another waterfall of similar height lies much further up the same creek, at an elevation of about 1000m. A good trail leads to the fall, by way of a steep climb and descent into a canyon.