A place for hiking on Mt. Salak
Vila Botani provides an ideal base camp to explore the verdant Indonesian countryside on foot. As Bogor is known as the rainy city, the landscape is a rich green nearly all the time, even during a prolonged dry season such as that of 2015, when some creeks ran dry. [Mod = moderate, Stren = strenuous].

  • Explore on your own or with a guide the open country to the south and southeast. You may venture out on your own if you like, as it’s hard to get lost.
  • A popular destination on mostly level ground is the walk to a major and abundant waterfall, the Curug Pelangi, which lies on a rough road to the south-southeast. The only challenge is the steep descent on stairs leading to the fall. [Easy to Mod]
  • A bonsai nursery belonging to Pk Ferry is a picturesque site above the road to Curug Pelangi. [Easy]
  • Further up the same ridgeline (Pasir Gowok), climb in open country to within sight of the extensive pineapple plantation belonging to Pk Suleiman, above 900masl. Cross the scrubby valley to Pasir Walu (to the northeast) and descend to Vila Botani by way of the Lembah Salak property. Broad views of the valley below partly planted in crops, and the peaks behind. [Mod]
  • Prosperous dairy farm of Pk Enoh in Kmp Tajur Halang. The kampong has long had its herd of dairy cows and you may order fresh milk. [Easy]