A place for hiking on Mt. Salak Accomodation
  • Our organic veggies, harvested almost daily from our small farm, are sold to visitors. The farm takes up less than a hectare at the lower end of the property. It is supported by our compost production, in part based on droppings from our sheep and goats.
  • Our medicinal garden has more than 200 kinds of local shrubs. In addition, more than 80 kinds of trees in our arboretum have medicinal properties. Observe our collection and try the remedy of your choice.
  • We deliver organic veggies and herbs to households in Bogor on Tuesdays.
  • Home cooking. Enjoy home-cooked traditional Sundanese or Javanese food, real “slow food” prepared by housewives, which can easily be ordered.
  • Like salad? Try a Sundanese salad made from 17 kinds of fresh leaves and berries that can be harvested at or near our place.
  • Healthy refreshments can also be ordered, including fresh gourmet coffee and tea as well as various herbal decoctions.