A place on Mt.Salak for outbound
Outbound December 2015

In December 2015, Pak Sujaja Wira, long experienced as a leader of outbound programs on the Salak slopes, brought a group of 30 staff from PT Bonet Utama, a Bogor software company, to Vila Botani for an arduous weekend on the edge of the national park. He found the facilities and environment to be highly suited for outbound activities, due to (1) the remote but convenient location, (2) proximity to the jungles of the National Park and to nearby waterfalls, (3) sufficient, simple accommodations, a large meeting hall, and flat, open spaces for medium-sized groups, and (4) the sloping terrain, which gives members a good workout even as they walk about.

Corporate groups in the market for outbound activities at Vila Botani can bring their own organizer. Alternatively, Vila Botani can put them in touch with Pk Wira or another local organizer with outbound experience.

Outbound teams should give serious consideration to Vila Botani as an excellent location for outbound activities.
Outbound di Vila Botani