Garden-fresh organic veggies.

  • Our organic veggies, harvested almost daily from our small farm, are sold to visitors. The farm takes up less than a hectare at the lower end of the property. It is supported by our compost production, in part based on droppings from our sheep and goats.
  • Our medicinal garden has more than 200 kinds of local shrubs. In addition, more than 80 kinds of trees in our arboretum have medicinal properties. Observe our collection and try the remedy of your choice.
  • We deliver organic veggies and herbs to households in Bogor on Tuesdays.
  • Home cooking. Enjoy home-cooked traditional Sundanese or Javanese food, real “slow food” prepared by housewives, which can easily be ordered.
  • Like salad? Try a Sundanese salad made from 17 kinds of fresh leaves and berries that can be harvested at or near our place.
  • Healthy refreshments can also be ordered, including fresh gourmet coffee and tea as well as various herbal decoctions.


Villa Botani operates its own farm, where more than an acre is used to grow organic vegetables. The vegetables include year-round carrots, corn, chayote, yard-long and string beans and green spinach, arugula [rocket] and Chinese leafy vegetables (secim & pak coy). Depending on the season, we also harvest tomato, spring onions, mixed salad, baby corn, peanuts, Medan eggplants, cassava and cassava leaves and more. These days some organic rice is also grown.

Farming is done by Pak Haji Agus, who hails from Cipanas, a famous vegetable-growing area in the Puncak.Since 2011 he has operated on a sharecropping basis, with most of the profit going to him after covering the costs of compost, seed and hired labor. We use little mechanical equipment and loads of hand work by locals. Pak Haji takes pride in the vegetables produced.


At the outset around 2007, the soil was tested and found to be quite acid (pH only about 4.5). To improve drainage and soil retention, the land was then terraced with raised beds one meter wide and mostly 8 meters long. Finely ground dolomite rock was spread about and compost liberally applied to raise the pH. A nearby barn is used not only to raise the goats and sheep whose droppings serve for compost but it is also where we make it.

Almost daily our highly-prized, organic compost is made from cut grass and fresh leaves mixed together with banana tree stalks. A diesel-powered machine is used to shred the grass and leaves, promoting faster fermentation. We combine the droppings and urine of our goats to maximize nitrogen fixing and soil fertility.


Vila Botani raises goats and sheep not only for their droppings but also for sale of meat to consumers -- particularly in anticipation of the Idul Adha holiday. During 2014, there were about 40 goats and sheep, but the number has been cut back to fewer than 20, the required number to provide droppings for the compost.


Vila Botani raises both culinary and medicinal herbs.
  • The culinary herbal garden is in two parts – on the edge of the organic farm, and in a greenhouse below the Gudang Kopi. The main herbs include parsley, basil, rosemary, and oregano.
  • The medicinal herbal garden is in two parts – near the main Vila Nangka, where about 200 herbal shrubs are sorted by family, and in the greenhouse. In addition, about 80 types of tall trees in our arboretum have medicinal properties while a few other herbal plants grow elsewhere on the property. The shrubs were identified mostly as herbs that grow locally and were also compiled from the Sri Nganis Herbal Garden in Bogor.

Within each location group in the herbal medicine garden, the major breakout is by family. For example, among the small plants:
  • Zingeberaceae, the ginger family, has 20 species;
  • Euphorbiaceae, the spurge family, has 18 species;
  • Asteraceae, the daisy or composite family, has 19 species:
  • Aconthaceae, one of many mint families, has 12 species.
And like the vegetables, all herbs can be purchased.


We plant small amounts of a variety of vegetables once every week or two so they can be harvested at regular intervals. Vegetables are harvested once or twice a week depending on the season. By ordering early to reserve your favorite, fresh vegetables and herbs, you will be assured we have not sold out.

To receive delivery of our organic produce, please contact Pak Jai or visit us in person at Vila Botani .


Vila Botani prides itself on serving not only organic, Sundanese home cooking but other Indo¬nesian regional fare as well. Our vegetable and herb gardens provide most of the produce that is used but all of our food is of the highest quality. Talented local cooks who were taught traditional, time-honored dishes by their mothers and grand¬mothers, create our flavorful, aromatic meals. Many of their dishes constitute ‘real slow food’, created with prolonged cooking. It is doubtful you will find this high caliber of regional, home cooking in any restaurant. We offer this so that you, our guest will experience the diverse, classical flavors of Indonesia. Vegetarians in particular have been delighted by the flavorful variety of our vegetable dishes.

Please choose from our menus or suggest a dish that you would like. In either case, please order in advance so that staff can shop for the required ingredients.

Bu Ety is Pk Jai’s wife and hails from Sukabumi, in West Java, where the Sundanese predominate.


Pepes Ikan Mas Steamed spicy carp
Ikan Mas Bakar Fried carp
Ikan Mas Pesmol Spicy sautéed carp
Ayam Goreng Fried chicken


Sayur Nangka Muda Sayur Nangka Muda
Sayur Jantung Pisang Banana flower in coconut sauce
Sayur Rebung Young bamboo shoots in coconut sauce
Sayur Lodeh dg tempe Coconut soup with local veggies & tempe
Urab Sayuran Tossed blanched veggies with coconut-tamarind dressing
Cap Cay 10 farm-fresh veggies sautéed & cauliflower & wood ears
Tumis Toge Tahu Sauté of bean sprouts & tofu
Uleukutek Oncom Leunca Oncom with leunca berries
Sayur Bening Bayem Jagung Spinach & corn in broth
Sayur Asem Farm fresh veggies in sour broth
Gado-Gado Tossed parboiled veggies in peanut sauce
Karedok Crunchy raw veggies (cucumber, eggplant & yard-long beans) in peanut sauce
Bu Tini (from East Java) is the cook in Alex’s houseBu Tini (asli Jawa Timur) adalah juru masak rumah Alex


Sop Ikan Patin Catfish sour soup with melinjo leaves
Sop Bakso Tenggiri Soup with mackerel balls
Pepes Salmon Poached spicy salmon in banana leaf
Rendangsapi Coconut beef
Soto Ayam Chicken soup with bean sprouts


Tumis Kuciwis dg Jamur Sauteed brussel sprouts with mushroom
Labu Siam dg Pete & Tahu Diced chayote with pete bean & tofu
Tumisan Daun Labu Siam dg Jamur Chayote leaf with mushroom
Terong Belado Spicy eggplant
Kentang Belado Spicy new potato
Sop Daun Katuk Coconut soup with katuk leaves
Tempe Orek Sauteed tempe

In a part of the world where raw food is not much prized, the Sundanese inhabitants of West Java are noted for their love of lalaban or raw greens. This preference reflects the abundant nearby foliage, particularly around Bogor, the rainy city. An apocryphal story has it that a houseguest is no bother for a Sundanese household because at mealtimes the guest will be content when provided with a bit of salt and sambal (chili paste) and sent to the garden to graze! In a similar vein, Sunda-nese are said to eat all kinds of leaves with only three exceptions – the leaf of a door, the leaf of a window and the leaf of an ear (a literal translation from bahasa).

For foodies, Vila Botani is THE place to indulge in lalaban. Although it is not quite true that all manner of leaves can be eaten, we do provide at least 17 kinds of lalaban, grown either on the property or in adjacent jungle and all organic. At Vila Botani, lalaban can be eaten either in the traditional way with spicy sambal, or as a mixed salad together with rocket, Romaine lettuce and a Western dressing of olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice. You can also choose to order one or more specific leaves based on the remedies that you require.
CLICK HERE to READ MORE about the health benefits of each leaf and berry

Cold Drinks

Air Jeruk Nipis Lemonade
Jus Jeruk Kip Calamansi drink
Air Kelapa Muda* Coconut water*

Herbal Infusions & Tea (Hot or Cold)

Seduan Bungga Sepatu* Hibiscus flower tea*
Seduan Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum flower tea
Seduan Daun Mint* Mint tea*
Seduan Daun Sirih* Lemon grass tea*
Teh Hijau Green tea

*Please order in advance