The following instructions are keyed to map 1. In recent years many helpful signs have been posted to guide drivers.

Point A - From the Bogor toll exit, as you enter Bogor, turn LEFT (Sukasari/Tajur direction) onto Jl Pajajaran (in front of bus terminal) or if already in Bogor on Jl Pajajaran continue past Botani Square towards Tajur after making a U-turn at the toll exit.
Pt A
Pt B
Pt C (1)
Pt C (2)
Pt D
Point B-- At 2.2 km, just as you enter the Sukasari roundabout (just before Ekalokasari Mall), do an almost u-turn RIGHT onto Jl Siliwangi to approach Cipaku/Cihideung. After 200m, take the first LEFT onto Jl Lawang Gintung (an obligatory LEFT).

Point C - After about 1000m there is a T-junction near the Batu Tulis archeological site. Take a sharp LEFT (Pic C(1)) to descend into Cipaku subdistrict on Jalan Saleh Danasasmita (Pic C(2)). You will pass Gumati Cafe and then the Batu Tulis Train Station both on your LEFT.

Point D – 400m after point C, turn RIGHT at a T-intersection to cross the steel bridge over the wide Cisadane river in the direction of Cihideung/Sukabumi. Follow the main road to enter Pamoyanan subdistrict. Pass the broad “Makam Cina” (Chinese cemetery) on your LEFT (not visible from main road). Enter Desa Palasari, Kecamatan Cijeruk, Kabupaten Bogor.

Point E - About 4km from the steel bridge, reach a major Y intersection ("Jalan Cagak Cijeruk"), take the RIGHT fork towards Tajur Halang, Tamansari (E (1)) and Lembah Salak. There is also a small Vila Botani sign on a post at the intersection (E(2)). Follow this road up a ridgeline for about 3km until you hit an unmarked T-intersection in Desa Tajurhalang (the only landmark is a house with red columns). Take a RIGHT to climb on the main road for another 150m.
Pt E(1)
Pt E(2)
Pt F(1)
Pt F(2)
Pt F(3)
Pt F(4)
Pt F(5)
wrong way

Point F and beyond- Go LEFT onto a side road at a sign on a wall saying "Lembah Salak" (Pic F(1)), to climb in kampong Tajur Halang. At the intersection there is also a small “Vila Botani” sign high on a post (F(2)) in front of the elementary school number 2, (F(3)).

Proceed uphill in the kampong for about 1000m. Toward the upper end of the kampong, pass chicken pens and a mobile tower RIGHT (F (4) then exit the kampong. Continue on a poor asphalt road at a Y-intersection passing a steeply climbing cement road (F(5)) on the LEFT and continue in open fields for another 800m, following the signs to Lembah Salak and Vila Botani (F(6)). Reach the end of the asphalt road at “Lembah Salak” on LEFT with at a gate (F(7)) topped by an eagle or garuda statue on the right pillar (F(8)). Proceed on a stone road, bearing a bit RIGHT and downhill, while following the signs to Vila Botani (F(9)).

Pt F(6)
Pt F(7)
Pt F(8)
Pt F(9)
Point G –Reach the Vila Botani main gate 250m after the end of the asphalt road.

Pt G Here you are at Vila Botani!