Among the 17 species, four are in the Daisy family (Asteraceae or Compositae), with leaves that are considered to alleviate intestinal inflammation (Hareuga or Beggar’s tick), nausea (Kenikir or King’s salad), elevated blood pressure (Sambung nyawa or Longevity spinach) and inflammation as well as body odor (Beluntas or Indian camphorweed).

Another two species in the Solanum family provide small, green or black berries (black when ripe). These are Leuncah (Black nightshade), a dwarf eggplant that alleviates eye trouble and Takokak (Turkey berry), a bigger berry that alleviates diabetes and prostatitis but may raise blood pressure.

Binahong leaves, which grow on vines, have remarkable success for wound healing when applied as a poultice, although the plant, which originated in South America, is considered invasive. The leaf of the Rasamala tree, a very tall endemic tree, is prized for alleviating diarrhea. Daun kemanggi (American basil) and Pohpohan (Melastone Clearweed) both alleviate cough.

Walang is a long leaf growing on a dwarf plant that is not much eaten in West Java but is prized by the inhabitants of Banten (who are also Sundanese) as well as in Thailand. It is considered to alleviate high blood pressure and impotence. Kelor (Moringa) leaves grow on a small tree and are believed to stimulate metabolism, providing a boost for weight reduction.

Reundeu is considered a diuretic that stimulates urine, while Kedongdong Laut (Ming Aralia) alleviates body odor. Daun ginseng (Fame flower) alleviates aches, especially backache, while Ki Nangsi stimulates appetite. Peterseli (parsley) alleviates cough, fever and diabetes.







sambung nyawa




kedongdong laut







Local Name Family Latin Name English Name Benefits
Rendeu Acanthaceae Straugyne elongata (Bl.)   Melancarkan kencing, diuretic
Daun ketumbar Apiaceae Coriandrum sativum Linn Coriander Alleviates cholesterol
Kedongdong laut Araliaceae Polyscias fruticosa Harms Ming aralia Alleviates body odor
Hareuga Asteraceae Bidens pilosa L. Beggar’s tick Alleviates inflammation of intestine
Kenikir Asteraceae Cosmos caudatus HBK King’s Salad Anti-Microbial, alleviates nausea & stimulates appetite
Sambung nyawa Asteraceae Gynura procumbens (Lour) Merr Longevity spinach Alleviates elevated blood pressure
Beluntas Asteraceae Pluchea indica (L.) Less. Indian camphorweed Diuretic, anti-inflammatory. Said to alleviate diabetes, hypertension & body odor.
Binahong Basellaceae Anredera cordifolia STEENIS Binahong, Madeira vine Wound healing, alleviates gout & diabetes
Rasamala Hamamelidaceae Altingia excelsa NORONO Rasamala Alleviates diarrhea
Daun kemanggi Lamiaceae Ocimum americanum L. Common basil Alleviates cough
Pohpohan Melastomataceae Pilea melastomoide (Poir.) Bl. Melastome Clearweed Alleviates cough
Kelor Moringacaea Moringa pterygosperma Gaertn. Moringa Stimulates metabolism & helps weight loss
Daun ginseng Portulacaceae Talinum paniculatum (Jacq) Fameflower Alleviates aches, esp backache
Leuncah Solanaceae Solanum nigrum Linn Black nightshade This relative of eggplant alleviates eye trouble
Takokak Solanaceae solanum torvum swartz Turkey berry This relative of leuncah alleviates diabetes & prostatitis.
Ki Nangsi Urticaceae Oreocnide rubescens Blume   Stimulate appetite
Antanan Violeceae Viola adorata Linn Sweet violet Stimulates brain & vision
Walang Zingiberaceae Ettingera walang (Bl.) Valet   Alleviates impotence, high blood pressure