A place on Mt.Salak for outbound

Outbound activities provide another focus for group visits to Vila Botani. In Indonesia, outbound activities are designed for large groups who travel together. The games provide tasks (sometimes by night) that challenge participants to get out of their comfort zones in support of team building. Some outbound groups are very large. Groups of 100 have spent the night, while groups as large as 150 have come for a day visit. When overnight visitors are as many as 100, they distribute themselves among the Gudang Kopi, the Jungle Lodges, and a few tents. Online examples of such games, including mock war games (e.g., http://gooutbound.com/tag/contoh-permainan-outbound), could be used to develop your own outbound program.

An outdoor flat area is often needed for outbound activities. Although most of our terrain is sloping, Vila Botani can offer a flat area ofabout 100 square meters. Up to 80 persons can gather here for a camp fire and games, while a somewhat smaller number can use the space for yoga or meditation. Larger flat areas can also be used on adjacent properties.

In December 2015, Pak Sujaja Wira, long experienced as a leader of outbound programs on the Salak slopes, brought a group of 30 staff from PT Bonet Utama, a Bogor software company, to Vila Botani for an arduous weekend on the edge of the national park. He found the facilities and environment to be highly suited for outbound activities, due to (1) the remote but convenient location, (2) proximity to the jungles of the National Park and to nearby waterfalls, (3) sufficient, simple accommodations, a large meeting hall, and flat, open spaces for medium-sized groups, and (4) the sloping terrain, which gives members a good workout even as they walk about.

Corporate groups in the market for outbound activities at Vila Botani can bring their own organizer. Alternatively, Vila Botani can put them in touch with Pk Wira or another local organizer with outbound experience.

Outbound teams should give serious consideration to Vila Botani as an excellent location for outbound activities.


Leadership Training April 2016

Student groups have chosen Vila Botani for leadership training that involves subjecting members to various challenges and hardships, a kind of hazing. In April, 25 students from an East Jakarta campus - Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi, Kampus Ungu (Purple Campus) – came to Vila Botani for such training. Our wide and sloping gardens provided them with the perfect setting for the hardships they needed to inflict on their members. Leadership Training is similar to Outbound in that both involve subjecting members to hardships. Vila Botani provides the perfect venue for both activities.